Articles by Teresa Salema

Literary name for: Teresa Maria Loureiro Rodrigues Cadete
Born on 23.X.1947 in Lisbon (Portugal).
Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin (West), Magister Artium 1975.
Professor at the Faculty of Letters (Classical University of Lisbon) since 1989 (former Assistant at the same Faculty).
Doctor Dissertation: The Arch and the Snake. Anthropological perspective and civilizational analysis in the theoretical works of Friedrich Schiller (1988).
Teaching and researching in the areas of Culture Theory, Interdisciplinary Studies, German Culture.
Member of the Portuguese PEN Centre since 1981, member of the Board between 1988 and 1991 and since 2003.
As a prosaist (under the real name Teresa Rodrigues Cadete and under the pseudonym Teresa Salema), has published several short stories and 5 novels: Between two countries, 1978; We, Others (together with Casimiro de Brito), 1980; Education and memory of André Maria S., 1982 (Award of the Portuguese Writers’ Association); The Absent Place, 1991; Benamonte, 1997 (Award of the Portuguese Pen Club).
Other publications: Edition of Friedrich Schiller’s theoretical works (3 volumes: On the Aesthetic Education of Man in a Series of Letters and other Texts; Texts on the Beautiful, the Sublime and the Tragic; On Naive and Sentimental Poetry), plenty of studies and articles about Culture Theory, German Culture, Portuguese Culture, Comparative Culture, many of them as a result of participation in international conferences (New Delhi, Dublin, Guadalajara, Bled) in several languages.
For the moment, a book with the last essays on culture theory is being prepared (working title: Between the Arch and the Labyrinth), as well as a novel (working title: The Road to Gebrael).



  A familiar voice came to her ears among the noises of pale suits, metal, concrete, electronic panels and practical wishes. But when she turned over on the platform, nobody seemed to go towards...