Articles by Davor Stojanovski

Davor Stojanovski was born in 1987, in Skopje. He has graduated from the Faculty of Philology “Blazhe Koneski” in Skopje, at the Department of Macedonian Literature and South Slavic Literatures. He holds an MA degree in Macedonian Language and Literature.
His work has been featured in many home and foreign prose and poetry anthologies and/or magazines, and he has taken part in many literary events. He has received the ‘Ann Frank’ award as well as the purchase award from the journal ‘Nova Makedonija’ for the short story ‘A Room with Thin Walls (Dreaming of Ceylon)’.

‘Untitled Moonlight Sonata’ is his first novel.


Untitled Moonlight Sonata

  “Afterwards she sat on the floor. Sad and breathless. She looked at him in the eyes. “What do you think of men, Yon?” she asked him. There was a long silence. Sunk in...