Articles by Nenad Joldeski

Nenad Joldeski is born in Struga, Macedonia (1986). He is the author of two books. The first one, Штамата на Енхалон (The silence of Enhalon) is his debutant book and was awarded with the price “НОВИТЕ“ by the publishing house Templum for best debutant book in 2009. This book was written in dialect and slang. His second book, “Everyone with its own lake” is publish by the same publishing house in 2012. It contains short stories divided into four parts.

Joldeski is one of the founders of Group Wezdensky and INKA. He is the editor of collection of short stories dedicated to d-r Nikola Nezlobinski.



Skopje. Corrected discourse. It is drizzling outside. One half of the city is underwater, the other one wounded, floats across the city lake. A bird hits the half-opened shutter. Third one so far. By...