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Natasha Sardzoska was born in Skopje, in November 1979. Interpreter and translator (FR, EN, IT, ES, PT, MK, SR), journalist, Italian language professor, poet, writer and dancer, she has been living, creating and working in Paris, Milano, Stuttgart, Brussels, Lisbon and Skopje. She graduated from the elementary Classical Ballet School in Skopje and became part of the ballet troupe Rebis, focusing on jazz dance and modern ballet. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Latin Philology and Comparative Literature from the University Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, a Master of Arts Degree in Communication and Cultural Studies from the New University of Lisbon and the University of Perpignan and Bergamo with the scholarship Erasmus Mundus from the European Commission, writing a thesis on the relationship between politics and sexuality in the novel Petrolio by Pier Paolo Pasolini, published by the National Library in Lisbon. Since November 2013, she holds a Doctoral Degree in Philosophy and Anthropology from the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen and the University of Bergamo, defending a doctoral thesis on nomadic, migrating or expatriated artists from the Balkans and the question of borders and liminality of boundaries in their artwork, published in the National German Library in Tübingen.
She has been working in international cooperation programs as project manager, consultant and interpreter for the Italian Embassy, Italian Cultural Center in Paris, the Italian Ministry of Justice in Rome, the National Antimafia Bureau, working namely for the General Public Prosecutor of Italy, Mr. Pier Luigi Vigna, the International Organization for Migration, the World Bank, IBF Consulting, Agriconsulting Europe, Congress Service Center, Cosmos Translations, the Macedonian Academy for Judges and Prosecutors, the Macedonian Government and the European Commission and as a higher education expert for the French National Agency for Higher Education Evaluation, AERES in Paris. She has thought at the University of Bergamo and at South-East European University “Max Van der Stoel” and she delivered papers at conferences at the Universities in Copenhagen (Migration, Memory and Place, December 2012), the Central European University in Budapest (EMA General Assembly, June, 2011) and the Humbolt University in Berlin (Relocating Borders, January 2013). In November 2012 she has been invited as panel speaker by the European Commission to deliver a paper on employability in Western Balkans on a regional conference on Higher Education in Dubrovnik. She was editor in chief of EMANATE the official magazine of the Erasmus Mundus Association in Brussels and has interviewed well-known politicians amongst which Mrs Marielle De Sarnez and Mrs Meglena Kuneva and some EU-officials. She cooperates with various reviews and magazines (Doppiozero, Milan; Forum, Skopje; Transmidia, Rio de Janeiro). She has published two poetry books Blue Room and Skin, several critique essays and various literary translations from French, Portuguese and Italian language. She cooperates as writer, editor and translator with the review Blesok.
She has discovered Argentine tango in 2008 and has dedicated herself with passion to this dance and the promotion of tango culture and has founded the Argentinian tango association ( in Macedonia, where she has thought tango with Argentinian tango dancer and maestro, organized events, shows, milonga and workshops. Apart from this, she likes cooking, cinema, yoga and photography.

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Selection of poetry by Natasha Sadzoska

    Skin Yellow leaves on your skin Pulled pores of some impalpable silence Cracked lips And fervid valley of thoughts and nipples Liquid I say, are you alone Or time flows away standing...